Nona Labs is Looking for Developers who Wants to Make a Difference.

Does that feel like you? Join us at Nona Labs and transform the way we look at health and wellbeing into the future – Where it belongs.

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What is Nona? .

We want to provide people with an easy-to-use and safe platform for health and well-being. A platform where you can collect, control and analyze all data regardless of input sources for you and your loved ones. Everything at hand anytime, anywhere. Presented in a playful and easy-to-understand graphical interface. To analyze, find patterns and gain new knowledge.


Collect & Compile

Nona will collect data from a variety of sources. Such as existing APIs, smart devices, available digital journal data, as well as Nonas own trackers. All of this will be compiled and presented in a clear and easy-to-understand graphical interface for the user.


Nona Trackers

In addition to data gathering from different sources, Nona will have access to its own ecosystem of "Trackers". A tracker serves as an automated survey tailor made for different purposes. It consists of some control points to be answered for a limited time, number of occasions or specific geographic locations.


Get New Insights

The aggregate data will be easy to compare using different graphical interfaces. The design will be clear and playful so the user easily can detect patterns. In the near future, an AI will also be introduced to help the user see patterns that are not always so clear.

Join us!

Nona Labs is now looking for two developers to create an APP for iOS and Android. You will be included from the start, you will be an important part of the process of choosing the technical platform the app will be built on. The team will consist of two developers and a designer so your commitment will have a big impact on the group.